Or be more specific, what do YOU want to achieve in your life!

Knowing this will help us become more sensible, make us confident, when to advance and retreat in circumstances, when we should give, when we should help, what to say and what should not, how to care and help those that require our assistance.

It will also guide us by bringing awareness to us on the good, Bad, Ugly and Evil side on people around us!

To side track a bit, these kind of knowledge were only accessible in the ancient time where Kings, Queens and people of highly calibre were allow to study! Anyone who abuses the knowledge outside the palace will be prosecuted!

This knowledge not only can tell lives, and in a bigger scope, it can predict world and country events!

These perspectives will go as far as the whole world, country, city state and a family outcome!

For the commonly people, all they ask for most of the time is money, money and money!

For the middle class and above people, they will ask for power and reputation!

For the sovereign, they will ask for economic stability, enough jobs, healthcare and most of all a peaceful neighbourhood to live!


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