About Urgana Nina

Urgana Nina

Founder & Chief Designer

I was born in a small town in Russia, to an inventor and medical engineering professor’s family.

At a very early age I discovered my yearning for beauty.

I started my art school classes when I was seven, and won many prestigious all-Russian and international children's art exhibitions awards.

Finding my own after the art school, I made it through a variety of courses such as make-up, sewing, confectionery decoration.

Eventually, I realised that I wanted to try out for large-scale international projects.

In 2003 I entered the State Institute of Applied Arts and Design.

After sophomore year, I was transferred to the Caucasian Secular Institute, specialising Design of Interiors, Landscapes and Architecture major.

During my studies I did my first projects as well.

I gained a great experience through my work with several companies and famous designers and architects in Baku.

Each designer brought style, vision, technique and presentation, what I would call value added.

It worked out very good for each and everyone, and helped me to enhance my own style too.

Thanks to rich experience, I've also fallen in love with all design directions, learned how to work with them and to add value.

In my opinion, the most important is to know how to present a style.

I have been conducting my projects, from the beginning to the end for years now.

Although creative people need freedom, I can work with partner because that does not restrict me as an artist.

I am interested in Feng Shui and partially use it in my projects.

However, I could not ever imagine that

I will be so lucky to work with such a professional as Benson Yeo.

I am sure it will be very interesting and promising!

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